Meeting the crew for CET’s “Love and Information”

Meeting the crew for CETs Love and Information

When it comes to CET plays, the actors are often thought of as the stars of the show. However, there is a whole team of people putting in countless hours of work backstage. If it was not for the action behind the curtain, the show would not be possible.

In this production of “Love and Information,” there are 57 different shows, each one with its different set of props. For this show, the stage will be surrounded by pixel-like boxes that come off of the stage, some of which will hold props. All of the props will be out for the audience to see. During the show, the actors will get what they need for their scene, use it, and put it back. This is because there are so many little plays, and it would be impossible for the crew to run on stage every transition, move around the props and sets, and then move offstage. Cast and crew will work together to change the sets.

“The show will just be ever-changing right in front of your eyes,” tech director Brice O’Neil said.

Behind the stage, in the Craft Theater,  there is a big black screen where background scenery will be projected. There’s an art team taking pictures and filming videos to be the backgrounds for all the scenes.

“A good chunk of what we’re doing is creating these projections,” O’Neil said. For example, one scene is a spinning, or indoor cycling, class, and the art crew filmed a fake spinning class in one of the hallways to be the background.

That makes the lighting for this show very difficult because the lights have to hit the stage at the exact angle as to not hit the projections behind it. The lighting team has gone through a lot of trial and error trying to position the lighting instruments to light the stage just the right way. The projection screen is black and the stage is white so they can use lots of color. Because of the white base, they have the opportunity to use patterns, moving lights, and lots of really cool designs. Sound for the show is more complicated.

“It’s ‘Love and Information,’ what does information sound like?” O’Neil said.

There are lots of sound effects; a different sound effect for each scene or maybe multiple. The sound crew is also working with digital noises to make a beginning theme song for the show.

“The big challenge now is staying calm, and realizing we will get it done,” O’Neil said. 

The cast is noticing what the crew is doing, the crew is noticing what the cast is doing, and like O’Neil, are seeing it come together. Come see Love and Information, November 8-11! Tickets available at now.