Mini Gym Musicians: The Left Lanes

Welcome to the second episode of Mini Gym Musicians, featuring The Left Lanes! We were genuinely worried about being able to fit two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer and a vocalist in our mini gym closet. But, as you can see, the band fit with just a bit of room to spare.

A blend of Community and Skyline students, The Left Lanes have begun to make a name for themselves in Ann Arbor. Maxey’s voice drifts soft and smooth over intricate guitar melodies and the simplicity of the egg shaker. Among more established songs, the band played “Autumn,” a newly released single which is reviewed on The Communicator. To our delight, right before packing up, the Left Lanes threw in a bonus song called “Leave It,” in which we got to hear vocals from the rest of the band while Maxey’s voice floated above.  

Thanks for watching, and again, if you are interested in your own Mini Gym Musician session, please let us know!

“F***ed Up”
“Millennial Architect”
“Leave It”
Guitar: Isaac McKenna, Max Mellor
Bass: Noah Hogan
Drums: Gabe Wood
Vocals: Nata Maxey