Trump’s Presidential Address


In an attempt to address the nation, President Trump left many still asking questions. For the last 25 days, the government has been in a partial shutdown, leaving 800,000 federal employees in danger. Trump has received criticism around the media, as many were hoping to get the answers they needed.

Trump, is not expecting to end the shutdown anytime soon. He insisted that he make a compromise with Democrats that would change the wall to a concrete “barrier.” Democrats persisted, saying his new plan was “no compromise.” He offered nothing else and continued to label undocumented immigrants entering the U.S. as a “national emergency.”

In his speech accepting the GOP nomination, Trump focused on the effect of immigrant-related crime and violence on our nation. This led to his argument for border security funding, as he focused on “American blood being shed,” and “Congress not doing its job.”

Trump showed no empathy for workers who will soon miss paychecks as a result of the government shutdown, he instead focused his attention on border security workers. Trump is putting these workers above those being affected, leaving many hopeless for change anytime soon.

Trump’s speech was fueled by hate, fake news and fear tactics as a way to cover up his administration flaws. Democrats have offered $1.3 billion dollars in border security to improve surveillance and fencing, but Trump still insists the Democrats are the reason he is keeping the government shutdown as they are not funding border security.

Responses from the Republicans were predictable and Senator Lindsey Graham felt proud of the president’s address.

“It was compelling and everything he said was true,” said Graham, one of Trump’s biggest supporters.

Graham has changed his mind on Trump since calling him a disgrace during his 2016 campaign, but he was very proud of Trump’s speech.

As our country continues to stay divided and our president refuses to compromise, it looks like our government will remain shut down for the time being. Workers will soon be affected greatly by missed checks and unfair treatment. Trump’s fight to keep our government shut down to benefit his hate-driven agenda is an atrocious act, showing his inability to work with all members of our nation’s government. Those supporting his fight are only convincing him he is right. If powerful leaders do not step up and put the President in check, nothing will change, let alone benefit our population.