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Evan Ash
Evan Ash is currently a senior at Community High School and this will be his sixth semester in journalism. Evan has loved the opportunities to meet new people at a personal level through journalism, interviewing people from all walks of life on many different topics — from basketball players like Cassius Winston to famous artists like 24KGoldn. He considers himself to have an outgoing and spunky personality, often starting sing-alongs and dance parties in the middle of class. This year, he will be working as the Opinion Editor, leaving his past position of Sports Editor to tackle the 2020 election in a time of great divide in the United States. He hopes he can generate tough conversations and cover the pressing topics in different forms of media, including video series and podcasts. He plans on studying political science in college and hopes to one day be an anchor on a mainstream news network.

Evan Ash, Opinion Editor

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Evan Ash