CHS Ecology Club sells reusable straws


Starting the week of Feb. 11, CHS Ecology club will be selling reusable straws. They come in many colors, are BPA free and will be sold by members for just one dollar.

More than 500 million plastic straws pollute the ocean each year, and they are known to harm marine life. “There’s been a big media push lately surrounding straws and how bad they are for the environment,” said Courtney Kiley, the club’s faculty advisor. “We only use them for a few minutes, but then they take thousands of years to biodegrade. I carry around a reusable straw as a quick way to be environmentally friendly, and [Ecology Club] figured students would be excited to do the same.”

CHS students are encouraged to buy the reusable straws to help reduce the school’s one-time plastic use and to help move the school towards eco-friendliness.