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GIDAS fundraises for addiction research

GIDAS fundraises for addiction research
Lucy Tobier December 20, 2020

CHS’ Genes in Diseases and Symptoms (GIDAS) club is fundraising for opioid addiction research. With the pandemic and opioid addiction on the rise, they see this research as more crucial than ever.  Each...

A Memorable Multi Culti

A Memorable Multi Culti
Lucy Tobier December 3, 2020
This year's Multi Culti looks a bit different. The CHS building has been closed for months and large gatherings are unthinkable. Instead, students celebrated over Zoom in a two-day event.

Preview of “The Tempest”: Act 1

November 24, 2020
CET was two days away from opening night of The Tempest last March when schools abruptly closed due to Covid-19. This fall, our cast and crew rejoined to finish the show as a 5-part miniseries shot in zoom.

Community Minecraft Server Facilitates Interaction

Community Minecraft Server Facilitates Interaction
Sam Cao November 16, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic led to creative social interactions between friends. The Courtney Kiley forum has found a solution other than the popular platforms Zoom or Facetime. Aaron Andrews, a Kiley forum...

A historic club fair

A historic club fair
Community’s first-ever virtual club fair took place on Nov 6. Students hopped around club Zoom rooms and chatted with clubs about...

CET finishes filming Act One of “The Tempest”

CET finishes filming Act One of
Lily Sickman-Garner November 7, 2020

On Friday, Oct. 30, Community Ensemble Theatre finished filming the first act of “The Tempest.” When COVID-19 hit Ann Arbor in March, their initial production was shut down two days before opening...

CHS Mock Trial team to compete in online tournament

Photography by Geneve Thomas-Palmer. The Mock Trial team finishes up their practice by filming an introductory video to be presented at the opening ceremony.
Geneve Thomas-Palmer October 29, 2020

After months of preparation, the CHS Mock Trial team is ready to face their competition in the first round of Empire, an international Mock Trial tournament. The tournament, which is normally held in-person...

Reminiscing as the seniors go back into the building for the SAT

Reminiscing as the seniors go back into the building for the SAT
Jenna Jarjoura October 6, 2020
On Sept. 23, seniors filled the rooms of CHS to take the not-so-exciting SAT. Students were originally scheduled to take the SAT on April 28, 2020, before leaving school for summer break. Unfortunately, the exam was canceled when school closed on March 13, 2020 due to COVID-19.

To connect and support

To connect and to support
Lucy Tobier October 5, 2020

This year has brought a lot of new teachers and change to CHS. Four of them -- Angela Keene, Joslyn Hunscher-Young, Emma Hamstra and Jessika Whiteside -- share their hopes and dreams for this school year...

DAG 10-year anniversary celebration

DAG 10-year anniversary celebration
March 25, 2020

Silence filled the room as Robbie Stapleton stepped away from the podium on March 2 during the Depression Awareness Group’s 10th anniversary celebration. DAG members and supporters alike had not only...

Cleaning the graffiti

Cleaning the graffiti
Zoe Buhalis, Elizabeth Shaieb, and Cate Weiser March 5, 2020

A few weeks ago, several students began covering three walls in the first-floor girls' locker room in Sharpie graffiti: Text, drawings of characters and scribbles covered the white-tiled walls.  Adel...

The lottery process: How does it really work?

Mosher holds the number card 176, ready to announce it to the scribes: Jefferson, Craig, Katy and Gretchen. They recorded the names and numbers as they were announced. This was Mosher’s first year assisting with the lottery process.
Zoe Buhalis and Cy Veilleux February 24, 2020

CHS counselor Brian Williams reached into a black trash can and pulled out an index card as a group of teachers, staff, PTO parents and two auditors commenced the lottery for the new freshmen class...

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