Forum Council starts committee work


From left to right, Treasurer Cort Toschlog-Green, advisor Matt Johnson and Co-President Julia Sonen.

On Monday, Nov. 18,  Forum Council (FoCo) started with a quick check-in with each forum present. Three forums requested, and were approved, for a change in plans. Thomas forum changed from Filipino New Year to Filipino Christmas, after talking to a forum member’s relative from the Philippines. The Dudley forum decided to switch from looking into the immigration history behind midwestern accents to Bajram, a Bosnian holiday. West forum changed from Bob Ross to olives and their impact in Greece. The remaining forums all were continuing research and seem well on track for multiculti in one week’s time. 

Next, FoCo split into committees. A brief discussion ended with the decision that the three committees started in the last meeting were enough. The middle school outreach committee met with FoCo advisor Matt Johnson to discuss the best way to improve the outreach eighth graders get before CHS applications open. The multiculti committee met with FoCo co-president Julia Sonen to discuss any possible issues, and steps FoCo leadership could take to avoid those issues. The third committee, looking at possible building renovations, met with FoCo co-president Katelyn Miller and vice president Lucy Tobier to start the conversation about renovations that students see the need for, and how to get input from the rest of the student body.

At the end of the meeting, Dean Marci entered to discuss the upcoming blue ribbon ceremony on Dec. 3. During multiculti, students will be practicing forming a ribbon shape on the front lawn in preparation for the celebration the next Tuesday. Before representatives left, they were reminded that there will be no meeting next week, and to pay attention to how forum members feel multiculti went. FoCo will meet again on Dec. 2.