Tony F.


Mia Goldstein and Joey Lopez

“I sell Groundcover news, it’s a paper to help the needy and homeless. I’ve been selling them for 11 years. It’s a way of making a living and I found that I enjoy doing this so much because I meet all kinds of new people. We sell two-dollar editions and we also have a special ten dollar one. This one has the story of the editor, how the paper got started, and my story too. My story is basically about how things got good and bad and how I turned it around. I currently go to a 12 step program and hanging out with the right people has helped me make my situation better. Everyone I meet is special in their own way. My dad always used to say, ‘Always keep your head up, but never too high because you might miss something.’ I’ve learned the kindness of people through selling Groundcover. God acts in mysterious ways. One day, a little lady about 80 years old came walking by, she was about five foot and less than 100 pounds, and she tripped and fell on her face. I picked her up, gave her a hug and she gave me a dollar. Then all of a sudden this guy who was watching said, ‘You are special.’ He gave me a 20 dollar tip. I think she was an angel.”