The Corner


Mia Goldstein

Counselors Amy Mcloughlin and Brian Williams converse in the counseling office. They were excited to be back in the building and interacting with students. “I do think that we learned some things through flipping the education system updside down,” Williams said.

Tucked away in the second-floor stairwell sits the counselor’s office; home to the Community High School (CHS) counselors, Amy McLoughlin and Brian Williams, who share some helpful advice. During the return to school, McLoughlin and Williams noticed small, meaningful changes in students.

“I see lots of students being grateful to be back,” McLoughlin said.

In addition to the anxiety and excitement to be back in person, Williams believes that some good came from online learning.

“I do think that we learned some things through flipping the education system upside down,” Williams said. “For example, utilizing Zoom meetings is much safer than having students cram into a theater, and for parent-teacher-conferences, it’s great because those can be from home. It can help families that have a hard time getting into buildings. We can hold on to some of the benefits. We can get back with the in-person experience and enhance it.”

McLoughlin states that students should reassess their academic and recreational commitments and their priorities as a student, family member, friend and person.

“Don’t do what we did before — embrace being well,” McLoughlin said. “We need to question what’s important to us as a family, being kind, having time and space to be people, not just being someone who works on homework late at night.” Williams stresses to take care of one’s mental health and remember, “we are still in a pandemic” and to find balance within yourself. “Engage with your teachers, in forums and at home with your family,” Williams said.