“Grace and Frankie” Review


“Grace and Frankie” a Netflix original sitcom aired on May 8, 2015. This show quickly became popular with young adults and teens because of its humor and creativeness. It spotlights two of the main characters, Grace and Frankie and their crazy lives in La Jolla, South Carolina. Watchers of this show experience two incredibly different people becoming a surprising duo.

This show begins with Grace and Frankie’s husbands Robert and Sal, who work together, invite them to dinner because they have big news to tell them. Grace and Frankie arrive at the seafood dinner before Robert and Sal. Awkward Small talk is made between Grace and Frankie, and finally, the guys arrive. As Robert and Sal sit down, they seem very anxious. Grace and Frankie assume that they are just retiring and there is nothing to worry about. During the dinner, Robert and Sal announce that they are leaving Grace and Frankie because they have been involved romantically for 20 years

This dramatic show dives into the lives of Grace and Frankie after receiving3 this life-changing news. “Grace and Frankie” does a great job of showing that an unexpected friendship can come out of terrible circumstances. As the show goes on, we get to watch Grace and Frankies bond grow stronger over time.

After watching this captivating show, I realize how important it is to be there for your friends no matter what they’re going through. Grace and Frankie have shown me that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and having people that can be there for you is what counts the most.