Junior Meeting in the Craft Theater

On Sept. 19, 2022, the junior class at CHS gathered into the Craft Theater for their first junior meeting of the year.

Counselors Kelly Maveal and Brian Williams shared a presentation providing an overview of standardized testing, the importance of junior year and new software to help students with their planning. The overall goal of the meeting was to help juniors get a sense of their post secondary plans.

“Seniors right now are currently in the row of applying for colleges, which is a year from today for juniors,” Williams said. “So we really just want to make sure we start that process, but at the same time, understand the uniqueness of each person’s post secondary journey.”

Counselors have made it a point that students understand the weight of their junior year, encouraging those to push themselves. However, both counselors recommended that juniors should only take on what they know they can handle and thrive from.

“I think the biggest thing is, this is the last time you’re gonna have an impact on that transcript, which is really kind of the golden ticket for a lot of institutions and serves as their starting point,” Williams said. “They’re gonna look at your transcripts, see how well you did in school academically, what types of courses you’ve taken, so you want to make sure we pass that message on early in the junior year.”

Here are a few helpful links and resources that were provided for the junior class:

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