Mac & Cheese in the Root Forum

There were seven types of cheese, swirling in large electric cookers messily strewn across the table.

People laughed and chattered, standing and sitting around the room as they dug into the different shades of melted yellow (and sometimes rainbow) colors. There were shells, Ziti, Elbows and, of course, Macaroni; almost all varieties of mac & cheese sat on the table.

In an effort to raise money for food gatherers, the Root Forum organized a buffet-style lunch event dubbed the “Mac & Cheese Party” in Room 205 on Thursday, Nov. 17. CHS students and teachers around the school were invited by members of Root Forum to purchase the $3-5 entrance fee for access to the event.

Selections of mac & cheese ranged from Kraft macaroni & cheese to “Gay Mac”, a homemade mac & cheese in the color of a rainbow. The event also doubled as a competition: four titles were given out to the top mac & cheeses, one each for Creativity, Deliciousness, Presentation, and Popularity. Winners were rewarded with either $10, a remote control car, a trophy, or a free art commission.

The event lasted for 45 minutes between fourth and sixth block (during lunch). Roughly thirty students paid the entrance fee throughout the event, leading to a total of $118 taken home by the Root Forum to donate to Food Gatherers. Roughly half of Root Forum members brought in mac & cheese; just enough to last the 45 minute event.

Kai Ellison-Batt, a member of Root Forum, thought of the idea to host a mac & cheese party during 8th block.

“We were deciding what to do for Food Gatherers, and I said: ‘Hey, what about a mac and cheese party?’” Ellison-Batt explained. “It was really for fun, we didn’t charge much for the mac & cheese so we weren’t expecting to make much off of it.”

Although the event didn’t pay out as much as other events hosted for Food Gatherers (such as Hechler Forum’s ‘Food Gatherer’s Fundraiser Fun Fair’, which netted a total of ~$280), Ellison-Batt believed it wasn’t about the money.

“I think [the amount we get] will be pretty good. Even if we make less money for food gatherers in the end, I think it’ll be a good experience nonetheless,” Ellison-Batt said. “We definitely won’t lose money for Food Gatherers. Plus, [we were] going around eating mac and cheese. Always fun.”