PROM 2023

On Friday, May 5, 2023, Community High School hosted its annual prom. CHS upperclassmen and their guests gathered at the Washtenaw Golf Club. The 2023 prom theme was “A Night on the Red Carpet.” The doors opened at 7 p.m. and closed at 11 p.m.. The event was largely planned by the prom planning committee, consisting of student volunteers, and advisor Ryan Silvester. 

The night was filled with dancing, fun, and food. The quesadillas and egg rolls were a crowd favorite, even earning a round of applause and cheers as they were refilled.  

Ryan Silvester, CHS social studies teacher and forum leader, who advised the prom planning committee, described prom as “seamless,” thanks to the help of a driven committee. 

“They [the prom planning committee] came up with a vision and we executed on it and I think we really hit the mark,” Silvester said. 

Although the process of organizing the dance can be somewhat stressful at times he spent nearly the entire day preparing) Silvester believes that the process is all worth it in the end when he sees students happily enjoying the event together. 

Much like Community High School, Community Prom is unique. The night is beloved by both students and staff for its tendency to display the CHS student body’s individuality. Students wear a variety of prom clothing, both traditional and non. 

The dance floor was alive for almost the entirety of the night, though students also enjoyed the brisk spring weather on the patio outside. 

“It’s a chance for people to dance, and to dance their own way, and dance to their own drumbeat, and know that everyone is going to be accepted for who they are.” Silvester said, “It’s just about having a great time and coming together.“ 

Students agree. 

“Prom has such a reputation to be something that people really stress about for months and months, but everyone that I know just had a really fun time and had fun planning for it,” Ella Glass, a senior said. “The dancing was really special, because I feel like everyone was in the same mindset and that mindset was to just have fun and not worry about anything else.”

When compared with Pioneer High School’s (PHS’s) prom that Glass also attended, CHS’s was more enjoyable. 

“I went to pioneer’s prom, and no one danced and it was kind of sad,” Glass said. 

Similar to Glass, Ivy Prochaska took note of the uniqueness CHS prom brought.

“I thought it was super cool how everyone was dancing and and because I feel like that’s maybe not something that actually happens at the other proms and I think it was really fun to see everybody dressed up,” Ivy Prochaska, CHS senior, said.