A Colorful Goodbye


A sea of candles, one for each CHS senior, flooded Craft theater after school on Thursday May 25. As per tradition, the Senior Celebration commenced with a short ceremony in which seniors would collect a candle; this represented their surrounding community including teachers, parents and friends. 

“It’s kind of symbolic of how we’re blowing out one light, and starting a new one,” Simon Shabi, CHS senior, said. “I’m excited to go on to new things, but I’m going to miss all of the people that I’ve been with the last four years.”

Next—as per tradition—seniors headed to the front lawn for a more colorful celebration. Everyone circled up with color powder packets in hand, ready to charge the center and release a cloud of color. This practice of throwing color on one another in commemoration is similar to those of the Hindu holiday Holi, which often includes large colorful festivals that represent new beginnings and coming together. 

“That was a very Community thing to do, coming together and throwing all the colors,” Christopher Vasquez, CHS senior, said. “I really enjoyed this. Everyone’s walking around, taking selfies and talking to [and] talking to each other. It seems like it represents the last four years.” 

As the cloud of powder settled and the color set into clothes and skin, seniors gathered for photos, videos and goodbyes.

“It’s been an upsetting week, kind of like the end of an era,” Zoe Simmons, CHS senior said. “As cheesy as it is, at Community everyone knows everyone. You walk through the halls, and you can just smile at people and be fine. That’s something you don’t really get at big colleges.”