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Opening Day Ceremony: High Hopes for Forum Council

Danny Ging

Forum Council kicked off the 2023-24 school year with the annual Opening Day Ceremony, something they had been planning for weeks. 

The Forum Council leadership met with the advisor, Ryan Silvester, in early August to begin preparation for the ceremony. After the Zoom call, leadership took control of finalizing the plan and ensuring that the ceremony was to run smoothly. 

“It truly was a student-led operation, the council all came together and made it happen, and that’s what student council is supposed to be like,” Silvester said. “I’m here to facilitate and get the council what they need, but it’s the council’s legwork to make something happen.”

Forum Council President, Morgan McClease, though nervous for the ceremony, had high hopes and felt that the council managed to pull through. 

“Something about this year, this opening ceremony just felt different,” McClease said. “Everyone was really engaged, which made all the difference.”

Having pulled off their first duty as a council, Forum Council is determined to make a noticeable difference in the school, stressing the importance of including more student representatives within the council. 

“Joining Forum Council is an opportunity for students to have a say and influence their school as a whole,” Silvester said. “When these people are joining, I want them to feel like they are there to be policymakers, and are expected to be held accountable to their forums as well.” 

Forum Council President, Izzie Jacob, recognizes that the council has a busy year ahead of them and a lot they want to accomplish, something that the council has struggled with managing in past years. 

Since COVID, Jacob has found it hard for the council to get back up on their feet, but with being back in person, she feels they have a stronger foundation and are ready to take on bigger and better challenges. 

“The hope is to get everyone passionate enough to make a change as a council,” Jacob said.  

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