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Stephanie Hadley
Elias Kirsch, John Gerdes and Miles McDonald pose at the Film Club table at the annual CHS Club Fair, held on Sept. 15. Miles McDonald, Film Club president, created Film Club in efforts to spread the thrill and joy of watching films to others. “I’m gonna give this thrill to every single member in Film Club this year,” Mcdonald said. “Mark my words.”

To Miles McDonald, there is no greater pleasure than sitting down and watching a movie. That cherished moment in his day, when he can curl up under a warm, fuzzy blanket in front of his TV, is an experience that he hopes to share with everyone. 

“I just wanted to spread that joy that I have [of watching movies] to others and to all,” McDonald said. 

McDonald started watching movies during the COVID lockdown. A majority of the time, he found himself watching the more popular films, the basics. But after realizing how much he enjoyed these movies, he decided he wanted to take a deeper dive into film culture. This only made his passion and appreciation for movies grow—resulting in the creation of Film Club. 

Beyond just experiencing the enjoyment of watching movies, Film Club is a place for people who want a deeper understanding of what they are actually looking at when watching a film and how that it was created to begin with. During the club meetings, members will get the chance to conduct scene analysis, where they will dissect a scene that they think was really important to the movie and talk about it in greater detail. 

McDonald wants all the club members to experience, is the thrill of a good movie. After watching the film ‘Seven,’ directed by David Fincher, McDonald has yet to find another film that has captured his attention as much as that one did. Ever since then, he has been waiting and chasing the thrill of a good movie, which is precisely why he intends to share these feelings with all his members.

“I’m gonna give this thrill to every single member in Film Club this year,” Mcdonald said. “Mark my words.”

Not only does McDonald promise all members of Film Club good thrills, but he believes that the club is an opportunity for students who join to build stronger relationships and connections within their circle. 

Mcdonald, along with a few club members from last year, had the opportunity to set up a table at Community’s annual club fair. With their shared table positioned on the back lawn, all they needed was a poster with the club name, a paper sign-up sheet, and a pencil, to bring in a host of new members ranging from freshman to seniors. 

“Based on how many people signed up, I think that the future of Film Club is very bright,” Mcdonald said. “I’m really excited to see where it goes this year.”

With Luciana Qu as their teacher advisor and Miles Mcdonald as the president, Film Club will be meeting every Monday during lunch in room 309—located on the third floor of Community. Outside of these weekly meetings, McDonald is hoping to create times after school hours to bring members together to watch movies—due to short-length of lunch not allowing them much time to get through entire movies. 


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