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Lights, Camera, COVID-19

Hannah Rubenstein
CET rehearses “Museum” during tech week. In the other half of the double exposed photo, a COVID-19 test reads positive.

It was the day before opening night: the energy was high and everyone was excited to perform in front of an audience– except me. I attended school with a KN95 mask on my face, my body aching, my nose running and my throat sore.

I was doing an Instagram takeover for the CET Instagram account. The day started off energetically; I filmed myself in my first block journalism class and reminded our viewers to stop by the third floor for the last day to purchase tickets. As lunch approached, I recorded myself and other CET student board members selling tickets. But as the day went on, my mood dwindled.

CET rehearsal started at 3:45, however, I had to arrive earlier to help set up for our first audience of CHS staff members. I stumbled into the theater and lay on the floor — I felt dead inside. I kept pushing forward, I had a show to put on and I was assistant directing it.

I couldn’t stop now when I was so close.

The night moved on while I was crippling in frozen time. Halfway through the run of the show, I was resting backstage playing Helix Jump in the dark. I felt horrendous, so I opened up iMessage and texted my parents.

“I don’t feel too great. I think it is just the cold that is going around CET. I have a cough, the sniffles, a sneeze, and my body is aching. I was honestly thinking about skipping CET today but I didn’t.”

After that text, I left school, went home and tested positive for COVID-19. I spent the entire weekend of shows in my bed. For me, “Museum” ended abruptly. That was the end. It was over.

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Hannah L. Rubenstein, CET Specialist/Journalist
Hannah Rubenstein is a senior at Community High School. This is her third year on the Communicator staff and second year in her position as CET Specialist Journalist. Aside from journalism, Hannah enjoys stage managing and photographing for jGirls+ Magazine. Her goal for this year is to spend less money at Sweetwaters.

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