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Humans of Community: Sean Eldon


“My best food memory involves my friend [Mike’s] mom. Her name is Meg. And I’ve known Meg since I was four. And one of the gifts that Meg has is that she is a wonderful hostess. I had met my soon-to-be wife and we visited my old friend Mike at his house up north. I was hopeful that my friends would accept my fiancé as a friend. I had felt some anxiety around that. Mike’s mom was there and she was very welcoming and very happy to meet Aimee, my fiancée, and happy to see me. She went out and bought a big tub of vanilla ice cream, like five gallons of vanilla ice cream and a big bottle of rum. And she mixed up Hummers for all of the assembled guests. There were probably about 10 of us, and I had never had this drink. I later found out it’s a Michigan specialty cocktail. And she mixed up this big vat of ice cream and rum and served each of us wholly inappropriate sized rum milkshakes. We all toasted to Meg, and then she toasted Aimee, and I just felt at that moment like my wife had been accepted by my friends.”

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