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Humans of Community: Lisa Durham


“My mom was German. And so there were certain dishes of hers that even today like if I eat it or if I could buy it, it just brings all kinds of memories back because she has passed away. So things like German potato salad or Pflaumenkuchen, which is plum cake, or a lot of certain dishes that were for special occasions. So it’s sort of like Thanksgiving but instead it was family traditions and special food that she would make for special occasions and stuff. So our entire family, when one of us ends up getting it or making it we’ll take pictures of it and send it to each of our siblings. So it’s still very special and dear to all of us. Every my parents house was always the hub for Thanksgiving. And I was the youngest. So my siblings were much older. They moved away and then they would come back and Thanksgiving. And it was it wasn’t just a place where we ate it was a place that we gathered and play games. And my mom did all the cooking. And it’s just lots of good memories of being with family. And my parents have since passed away. So I miss that gathering and so anytime I eat or see food, similar to what my mom used to make, it just brings me back to those times when we gathered together.”

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Kate Groves
Kate Groves, Journalist
Kate is a Junior at CHS and is so excited to be joining the Communicator for her first semester on staff! In her free time, she loves playing soccer, participating in musical theater, reading, listening to music and being outdoors. She is an avid Taylor Swift fan and can be found re-creating her performances.
Kyrie Garwood
Kyrie Garwood, Journalist
Kyrie is a junior at Community and is in her first semester on staff. When she's not at CHS you can probably find her at Pioneer where she dives, plays basketball, and plays softball. On the rare occasion, she's not at Pioneer she enjoys going to the movies with friends, playing Euchre, and working as a lifeguard at Vet's Pool. Kyrie is eager to write and share important stories about those in our community.

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