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Humans of Community: Luciana Qu


“I moved from Singapore to Ann Arbor. Singapore is kind of like a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities, just like how the United States is. But, the cultures and ethnicities are mostly limited to Asia and Southeast Asia, and a lot of the food also reflected that. Growing up, my parents would have these weekend parties where they would invite other people who are also Chinese-American or immigrants from China. We would share a lot of our food together, and it would be a giant potluck every single Saturday. We would stay until like two in the morning. We would talk, play cards or Mahjong. There was a really special connection between being able to enjoy foods from where our parents grew up while also being able to socialize in a place where you might not be able to speak Chinese to everybody. That’s what I really relate a lot of my memories around food too.”

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Kate Groves, Journalist
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