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Coffee Shop Review: Hyperion Coffee and Co.

How Three Friends founded the Yspi-based Coffee Shop, Pioneering Local Coffee.

Eric Mullins, Dan Kubera and Alex Merz founded Hyperion Coffee Co. five years ago on River St. in Ypsilanti with one objective: to source and roast coffee from small and local growers. To their surprise, their retail and wholesale business began to thrive. Increased customer demand for brewed coffee led to the opening of a Ypsilanti cafe. The new demand led to the relocation of the roasting operation to a warehouse on Cross St. about a mile away, to accommodate more in-house customers in the shop.

Word quickly spread about the new Ypsi-based coffee shop in the local area. In an interview with the Ann Arbor Observer, Mullins recalled, “Every day, someone would ask, ‘When will you be opening a store in Ann Arbor?’ Soon after, Hyperion did just that, taking the place of the recently vacated Thrive Juicery in Aug. of 2021.
Within this modern 1,000-square-foot space, customers can enjoy a diverse selection of coffee and tea-based beverages, all crafted with Hyperion’s locally sourced beans. Options span from a $2.25 brewed coffee to a $5.25 latte before add-ons.

The cafe features a variety of baked goods from bakeries such as the Songbirds Cafe, Bird Dog Baking, and Milk + Honey. In addition, they offer a small vegan selection sourced from Botanical Bake Shop. Staff Journalist Jonathan Carter ordered the Vanilla Latte and a Cappuccino with milk and sugar added and no other add-ons.
The Vanilla Latte offered a delightful combination of rich espresso, creamy steamed milk, and the sweet essence of vanilla syrup, resulting in a well-balanced and satisfying flavor experience.

The Cappuccino’s appeal lies in its harmonious balance of strong espresso, creamy steamed milk, and frothed milk. This combination not only provided a rich and full-bodied flavor but also a satisfying textural contrast, making it a great choice for those who enjoy a well-rounded coffee experience.

The interior of the cafe, however, doesn’t bring much to the table with limited seating and somewhat cramped tables. That being said, when the cafe isn’t crowded, it provides a great experience for coffee lovers everywhere.

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Jonathan Carter, Journalist
Jonathan Carter is a Junior at Community. This is his first semester of doing journalism and he is ecstatic to be a part of the Communicator staff. When he’s not at school or work, you can find him at a local coffee shop relaxing with a good book. He enjoys babysitting, technology and watching movies. Jonathan is so excited to be a part of the Communicator staff because he loves connecting to those in the community and writing.

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