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PROM 2024

The prom planning committee successfully executes prom for CHS with a night full of music and memories.

The prom planning committee prepped for prom for weeks: debating themes, pricing and decorations. At last, the day finally came. On March 20, attendees gathered at Washtenaw Golf Club from 7 to 11 p.m. The prom committee chose the theme of the masquerade ball. Some attendees followed the theme, while others didn’t. The event included a DJ, lots of dancing, a photo booth, photography and fun memories. 

CHS’s prom is a unique experience, according to senior Ebie Lamb. 

“A thing for me that was unique was that I was only there to have a good time,” Lamb said. “I wasn’t stressed about capturing the moment with my phone or taking photos. I was there to enjoy my senior year and party.”

CHS student Claire Lewis attended prom last year to take photos for The Communicator. This year as a junior, she attended with friends for the sole purpose of enjoying the night.

“I had so much fun watching everything from afar and capturing everyone having a great time last year, but this year was special in a whole different way,” Lewis said. “I loved just living in the moment this year, and even though prom is so much about your look and such, when I was actually there, I wasn’t worried about any of that, and I just danced my little heart out.”

Another prom attendee, CHS senior Anya Akhoury, agreed that the dance floor was where some of the best moments of the night occurred.

“I had a lot of fun dancing with my friends and watching Robert do the wobble was definitely up there with the best moments,” Akhoury said. “It was really fun to run to the dance floor when a song we liked came on and just laugh and dance with one another. The photo booth was also epic because it’s a nice reminder of my life now and I’ll definitely keep those pictures forever.” 

For senior Otto Nelson, prom 2024 was different from any of the other school functions he has attended in his high school career.

“I know it was my last school dance, but it was the first school dance that I really enjoyed,” Nelson said. “Maybe it was the theme I really liked, considering that I really loved being able to wear all the costumes. But yes, it was the first school dance that I really got into.”

In the end, prom was a success for practically everyone. The prom planning committee executed another great prom, filled with awesome dancing and DJing, memories, laughter, photo booths, delicious food and more.

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