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Earth Day’s Role in Fostering Global Environmental Consciousness

On Earth Day, people all over the world celebrate and support the Earth. CHS showed what it does to care for the environment.
Graphic Courtesy of EARTHDAY.ORG

Earth Day is an annual celebration recognized in over 190 countries that not only honors the achievements and environmental movements over the years but also raises awareness of the need to protect the Earth and its natural resources.

Every year, Earth Day takes place on April 22. The first Earth Day took place in 1970. 20 million Americans, or around 10% of the United States population at the time, were outside in hundreds of cities and towns protesting environmental issues and demanding change for our planet and future generations. Now, over 50 years later, more than one billion people are empowered by our efforts to help our planet. They continue to understand, protect and improve the environment.

By 2040, EARTHDAY.ORG, the organizer of Earth Day, hopes to have a 60% reduction in the production of plastic. A study published on April 24 found that half of global plastic pollution can be traced back to as few as 60 brands. By reducing plastic usage at these brands, the amount of plastic that is produced will decrease greatly.

The Poetry Club at CHS decided to focus their writing on the environment when they had their meeting on Earth Day. Students read poems by two authors about the Earth and used those as inspiration for their own poems. The prompt people in the club were given was to write their own “Earth is…” definition poem and describe what the Earth means to them. They were instructed to start with metaphors and vivid descriptions and let those lead the writing.

While clubs did activities for Earth Day specifically, parts of CHS focused on the Earth year-round.

Another way that CHS is attempting to be more of a green school is by teaching students about our impacts on the environment and climate change. For example, FOS 1 classes complete a project focused on finding a technical solution to mitigate climate change.

They explore solutions, learn about the effects of our actions, and how to find solutions. They learn how renewable energy works, like solar panels, wind farms, and have a project that explains the different types of non-gas vehicles, including battery-powered and hydrogen fuel cells, and how they differ from gas-powered vehicles.

The Ecology Club focuses on helping the environment throughout the year. They created a way for students and staff to compost easily. Around the school, club members placed compost bins in classrooms with signs above addressing what is and is not compostable. The club’s efforts connect to the Earth Day goals of food and recycling.

Isla Tharp is in FOS 1 at CHS and is a member of the Ecology Club. She joined the club to learn more about ecosystems, the environment and the impacts of human activities. Courtney Kiley teaches FOS classes and leads the Ecology Club. She has profoundly impacted the way that many students view their environmental actions.

“Courtney says every day is Earth Day,” Tharp said. “We’re supposed to always appreciate the Earth, not just once a year.”

Tharp recognizes the importance of Earth Day and believes it is a great way to celebrate the Earth. She feels the day brings awareness to our climate but encourages others to be more environmentally conscious throughout the entire year.

“Earth Day is really fun and a great way to celebrate and appreciate the Earth,” Tharp said.

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