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How an incoming freshman feels about his future at Community.
Andrew Hadley

Calder Hadley feels the transition from middle school to high school can be one of the biggest changes and steps in your life. But how does one take this next step? How does one transition and decide one’s future? Calder Hadley, a student currently attending Ann Arbor Open K-8 school, answers how he wants to step into the future at CHS.

“I’m excited to meet new friends and to have the high school experience of going to a different school,” Hadley said. “I’m excited to get more opportunities and take that next step into my future. I already have some friends that I know are going to Community so it’s not gonna be like going to a whole different school and having to make new friends, but I am still going to have to transition over.”

Many kids going through this transition struggle to make new friends and settle into their new schools, but CHS offers unique opportunities to help with this common struggle kids have. One opportunity that CHS offers is that each student has a forum. Hadley feels these forums help Community.

“It’s kind of a new thing for me because in my past middle school, I’ve never really had forums, I just had advisories, and I heard we get to go on trips with our forum so that sounds really fun and that we get to do a lot of activities which is also pretty new,” Hadley said. “I felt visiting my forum was a great experience to help with fitting in and meeting new people.”

Hadley has only gone to one school in the past 9 years and had a hard time deciding on which high school he wanted to attend. After visiting each high school and weighing the pros and cons he decided on CHS. This is what he had to say on why he chose CHS.

“CHS has a lot of good programs, including the Communicator. They have a jazz program, which I’m really excited for,” Hadley said. “I also chose it just for the experience there since it’s right next to Michigan’s campus and the college classes that I could take at Michigan. The open campus is great because you get more freedom to go wherever you want on campus, you just have to be back in a certain time. I think that’s pretty cool.”

Hadley knows it’s a big step in his life, and is excited to become a student at CHS. Hadley wants high school at CHS to be more than just a series of classes, but a place where you create bonds with people.

“I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Community with people getting into really good colleges and having a great education,” Hadley said. “But personally, I think everything will go great for me, and I’ll get a great education at Community and all go to a good college.”

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Andrew Hadley
Andrew Hadley, Journalist
Andrew is a Freshman at CHS and is the Yager forum. This is his first year on the Communicator staff and is excited to start his journey. Andrew spends lots of his time being with his friends, playing basketball and with his dog. His goals for the Communicator is to share peoples voices that aren't heard.

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