CHS yearbooks are here


Yasaf Warshai and Leif Gearhart-Hall

Yearbooks are available for pick up this week, on sale for $50 in the first floor book depository. The yearbook is as always full of memories from the year, and snapshots from life at community. Sonya Kotov is a CHS Junior and member of yearbook staff. “We started working at the beginning of the school year and finished in march. Our theme was downtown Ann Arbor, but we strayed from it…” “I’m really happy with [the book], and I think we did a really good job.”

Danny Cubero-Matos don't take nothing from yearbooks.

Danny Cubero-Matos has never bought a yearbook.  “I think real memories are in your heart and in your mind. I don’t need a book to remind me of the school year… If I ever bought a yearbook, it would be my own yearbook printed on recycled cardboard, in black and white for that contemporary feel. Yearbooks are also bad for the environment.”

This is Max Lewis's first year buying a yearbook

Another CHS junior Max Lewis is buying a yearbook for the first time this year. “I have never bought one before and I figured it’s junior year so I should have one.” Lewis, unlike Cubero-Matos, is not as concerned about the environmental impact of the yearbooks. “It is honestly such a minor impact. There are tons of other things the school can do to help the environment.”

A lot of hard work by the staff went into the yearbook this year, and it shows. The book looks great, and is filled with happy memories from another action packed year at CHS.