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Election 2020: looking forward

Election 2020: looking forward
The subject needs no introduction. For the past four years, discussion about the man in the White House and who might replace him has been constant.

Thank You, Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders waves to his supporters at a rally in Warren, Michigan.
Roxie Richner April 25, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders first met John Weigel at a Nevada campaign stop in September. The senator’s voice was sore, so instead of giving his typical lengthy stump speech, he opened the floor to attendees...

The other half

The other half
Noah Bernstein February 14, 2020

This time next year, voters in Michigan will have decided 151 elected offices. Divided into partisan and non-partisan ballots, Michiganders will elect the next president, 15 U.S. congresspeople, 13 state...

How and why to vote in Michigan

How and why to vote in Michigan
Noah Bernstein and Eliot Klus February 10, 2020

Donald Harrison, an Ann Arbor-based video director, recently released two videos detailing the voting process in Michigan for new voters.

American Mud

American Mud
Mira Simonton-Chao November 9, 2016

When I was 10 years old, I thought I could be anything that I wanted. I thought that because I live in America, a land that proclaims itself as the home of the free, it meant that I could be anything that...

America’s Jaw Drops As Donald Trump Is Named 45th President of the USA

America's Jaw Drops As Donald Trump Is Named 45th President of the USA
Sam Ciesielski and Gina Liu November 9, 2016

Chants shouting "USA!" came from the teary crowd at Trump HQ in New York at 2:45 A.M, on the morning of Nov. 9, 2016, as Mike Pence introduced The United States of America’s 45th president, Donald J....

President Obama Campaigns in Ann Arbor Hours Before Election Day

President Barack Obama stands before starting his speech as the crowd cheers.
Joel Appel-Kraut, Hannah Rubenstein, and Megan Syer November 8, 2016

The mass of people filing into Ray Fisher Stadium snaked in circles around the parking lot and spilled, uncontrollably, onto Hoover St. in downtown Ann Arbor, MI, by 8:30 a.m. on Mon., Nov. 7. President...

Michelle Obama Speaks for Hillary, for Women

Michelle Obama speaks at Mulberry School for Girls in London. Photo: Simon Davis/DFID
Alexandra Hobrecht November 7, 2016

“A candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women.” This single sentence holds one of the main issues that has been circling in the 2016 presidential election...

Trump, the Unqualified Chump

Trump, the Unqualified Chump
Zane Jones, Guest Writer November 4, 2016

Donald Trump is one of the most unqualified men to ever receive the republican nomination for presidency. He has managed to make half of the country’s population despise him, and he has somehow figured...

The Lesser of Two Evils?

The Lesser of Two Evils?
Tawiah Yalley, Guest Writer November 4, 2016

The United States Presidential election may be one of the most watched election throughout the world, and this year this is be truer than ever. This year’s candidates have brought worry and entertainment...

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