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Elginne Johnson’s Experience with Racism

Elginne Johnson with her husband Claude.
Sophia Werthmann December 8, 2014

Elginne Johnson remembers handing over her tied-together silver roller skates to a police officer when she was about nine years old. She and some friends had been skating on a sidewalk just around the...

Graffiti Culture in Ann Arbor: Vandals or Van Goghs?

Graffiti Culture in Ann Arbor: Vandals or Van Goghs?
Ada Banks and Eva Rosenfeld May 18, 2013

Early summer, 1998. Felch Street Underpass, Ann Arbor. Six friends assembled below an underpass in the middle of the night to complete a mural. They did so illegally. They were a group of rebels, but...

Smoking Microwave Causes Stir During Lunch

An Ann Arbor Fire Department truck pulls up outside the back lawn of Community after the fire alarm was set off by a smoke detector.
Melanie and Danny Langa September 8, 2011

The fire department was called and the building was evacuated during lunch on September 8th. Students in Chloe Root’s room saw smoke coming from the back area of the room. The smoke was the result...

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