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The Big Eleven

Alex Wood

November 14, 2012

Not all the lights were on when Community High’s juniors entered the building on Wednesday, Oct. 17. While the freshmen, sophomores, and seniors would be sleeping in for another few hours, CHS juniors were filing into the building...

The PSAT practice test guide.

Juniors take the PSAT

October 27, 2012

Equal Opportunity Education

Melanie Langa

October 22, 2010

Some say public education is the great equalizer but in a world where high school diplomas are fast becoming obsolete, simply finishing twelfth grade will not open the doors it used to. According to the Census Bureau, those...

Is taking non-prescribed drugs on standardized tests right?

Communicator Staff

October 30, 2009

T here are only ten minutes left in the test . The clock is ticking and a student gets distracted, thinking more about the sound than the problem. Another person stays focused because they took their friend’s ADD medication...

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