WORLD PREMIERE: 3D Printing Thursdays Episode 1 – Getting to Know Your 3D Printer

Hello and welcome to the pilot episode of 3-D printing Thursdays!

This week on 3-D printing Thursdays, Dan and I kick off the series by getting to know the Davinci 1.0 3-D printer. As running a safe, efficient and affordable 3-D printing lab is our number one concern on 3-D printing Thursdays, both Dan and I decided that the first segment of our four-part series should focus on the anatomy of our printer. Although it may seem unnecessary to some, learning about the printer is not only very important for the aspiring maker, but also quite an enjoyable educational experience for Dan and myself.

Starting with the printbed, we detail each component of the printer. This is essential because each piece plays a major role in the precise and effective operation of the printer. Some pieces, like the hot-end of the extruder, are fairly dangerous and must only be worked on when the printer hasn’t been running.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next week’s edition of 3-D printing Thursdays!