Marci Harris’s Annual Crepe Party

On Feb. 1 Marci Harris’ French classes made crepes to celebrate France’s national crepe day. Harris had been teaching her classes about the old French tradition, La Chandeleur, which coincides with making crepes.

La Chandeleur takes place on Feb. 2 every year, but because Harris doesn’t teach classes on Feb. 2 this year, she celebrated with her classes on Feb. 1. 

The tradition of La Chandeleur is to make a crepe at your home with your right hand and in your left hand, you hold a gold coin. The first crepe made should be saved and put atop a dresser to guarantee good crops and prosperity for the year to come.

“The word Chandeleur comes from chandelle, which is a type of candle that the people used to go through the towns carrying these torches to welcome the beginning of spring, the beginning of their harvest coming in and the end of winter,” Harris said.

My favorite part of French class is probably the people.

— Lila Fetter

Harris has had this crepe-making tradition ever since she started teaching.

This year Harris has been showing her French classes a French tv show every time there is a Friday schedule. On Feb. 1, her classes made crepes and continued to watch the show, “Parallels.”

“So we’re just celebrating La Chandeleur and watching our show…which is pretty good,” said Lila Fetter, a student in French IV. “It’s kind of confusing and a little not good but we love it anyways.”

Fetter finds French to be a fun place, especially since all the members of the class have been together for the past few years. 

“My favorite part of French class is probably the people,” Fetter said. “I think we’ve gotten really close and it’s a lot of fun to do stuff like this together, especially where we have, like fun chill days or like eating food and watching une série.”