3D Printing Thursdays Episode 2: Cleaning Your 3D Printer

Welcome back to another episode of 3d printing Thursdays! Today, on the second episode of our series, 3d engineer Dan and I walk you through the process of cleaning and changing the print cartridge on a Davinci 1.0 3d printer.

Because 3d printers are such advanced pieces of technology, it is important to not only know your way around them, but to also understand how to maintain the device. This regular maintenance allows the device to work at full efficiency and accuracy, and also extends it’s life as a printer, which is important, considering the device’s price tag.

Cleaning a 3d printer is a simple task that should be performed after approximately every 25 hours of printing. Like with a car, if you keep up with regular maintenance, the device will last you a lifetime.

Thanks for joining both Dan and I in another episode of 3d printing Thursdays, we’ll see you next week!