News Summary for Thursday, December 10th, 2015

The New York Times

From the New York Times, this article details what law enforcement currently know about the San Bernardino shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. According to FBI director James Comey, the couple had discussed terrorism as early as 2013, before the rise of ISIL.



Affirmative action in college admissions is before the Supreme Court again, reports NPR. The case from Texas could decide the fate of affirmative action based admissions in schools across the nation.


Michigan Radio

A bill eliminating straight ticket voting (where you can vote for all candidates form one political party in a general election) has passed a committee vote in the state House of Representatives. Check it out at Michigan Radio, this is your democracy.


The Guardian

The Guardian: it’s go time in Paris at the UN’s massive climate change negotiations. Two-hundred countries are attempting to strike a deal that would keep global temperatures from rising 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels. Two degrees celsius is the number where scientists believe weather will change irreversibly and catastrophically.


ABC News Online


Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), lambasted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over his comments to deny Muslims entry to the United States. Speaker Ryan said Trump’s comments went against the principles of the Republican party and the U.S. Get the whole story at ABC.