Steve Coron Praises the All School Picture


Students disassembled after the All School Picture was taken

Students dashed to the front lawn and scrambled for a visible spot in front of the camera. Students pushed and shoved for a spot in the middle of the large crowd, some were crammed in the middle, and some were in the back, standing on the large pillars in front of the school to get in the picture. Steve Coron, one of Community’s two art teachers, was standing poised on a tall ladder with his camera, ready to capture this year’s student body.

The annual all school picture day took place on Wednesday 21st, which successfully represented Community in its entirety.   

“The photo was perfect, because everyone was in [frame],” Steve said. “It showed the full depth, I got the whole student body, and I got the front door [in the picture].”

Coron has been teaching at Community since 2003. Coron said he has been taking the  all school picture for all 14 years.

Coron thinks that this year’s photo tops all previous all school pictures. He credits his new camera for the success.

“This may be the best ever,” Coron said. “You know why? Because I got a new camera. This new camera is fabulous. It has a wonderful lens, it has good zoom, and a great wide angle. That’s why I bought this lens. What I’ll do is I’ll look at it [the photo], I’ll open it up and I’ll tweak the saturation to make the color a little bit sweeter. But, in terms of the placement of everybody, everybody was in there. And I got the school in the background so it’s gonna be a good composition.”

Coron was absolutely ecstatic about the photo that he took. Thanks to him, the all school picture was able to successfully set the bar higher for many years to come.