Judith DeWoskin Leads Friday Wellness Dance Break

Community students of all grades gathered in small circles in the Dance Body Studio waiting for English teacher Judith DeWoskin to lead the third Wellness Break. Community High School’s Depression Awareness Group (DAG) is putting on a Wellness Break every Friday of March at lunch for students and staff to practice Wellness.

The wellness break on March 24 was a “Dance Party with Judith.” Wearing a silver sequin skirt, and shiny silver shoes, DeWoskin taught the group both the boy and girl parts the 6-steps to the jitterbug. “My marriage of 53 years has been held together by this dance,” DeWoskin said, while teaching the group.

Although not everybody picked up the exact steps of the dance, DeWoskin encouraged everybody to move. “I use to be able to follow people, but in the sixties and seventies it stopped mattering,” DeWoskin said, “You just danced around. All you have to do is move your feet. If you stop moving your feet, you are insulting your feet.”

After DeWoskin taught the group, she encouraged Community High School junior Sam Uribe to teach the group how to Salsa. Uribe, standing in the middle of the circle of students, gave a brief explanation of how to salsa, and then started dancing.

“I could never get my hips to work like that,” DeWoskin said.

Dean Karen, who knew how to salsa, added a tip on how to salsa. “Pretend like you’re a hotel. Sleeping upstairs, party downstairs,” Dean Karen said. The group tried to salsa dance.

After 25 minutes of dancing, the Wellness Break ended with 15 minutes of lunch left by Judith dismissing the group.