Anderson Forum Trip

On a Thursday afternoon the whole Anderson Forum hopped on a rickety bus headed to Howell Nature Center. They annually go to the same campsite for fall forum day. When they got off the bus, tents were set up and footballs games began. They went through bonding activities to get to know the new freshman inside their school family. After eating hobos cooked on the campfire, everyone gathered inside a cabin once the rain picked up. They discussed conspiracy theories, scientology, and told creepy ghost stories all night. Once it was time to split up into tents and fall asleep, the soft rain turned into thunder. It poured the whole night. At seven in the morning everyone woke up lying in a puddle, their shoes filled of water, and pillows soaked. Tracy, the forum leader delivered donuts and bagels to everyone drying off inside of the cabin. Even though the trip got rained out everyone had a fun time laughing and bonding. Fingers are crossed in hoping for a dry Forum trip next year.