CET’s Into the Woods Opening

The Community Ensemble Theater opened their doors Friday the 10th at 5:00 for the public to see their rendition of Into The Woods. Written by James Lapine in 1986 the play revolves around famous fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and more. The story follows a childless baker, played by Clarence Collins, in his quest to have a child. He goes on a quest that takes him into a magical forest called The Woods, where he meets many new people and also meets himself. Lapine brilliantly writes an evocative story that draws you in with familiar characters then provides a different outlook to what you think they are. The play opens up with a retelling of fairy tales but quickly changes and twists the meaning of each one. The story quickly draws you in with beautiful music and creative writing with varied characters that you quickly start to feel for and worry about. Into the Woods is directed by Quinn Strassel and led by Brice O’Neal.