My Strangest Dream

Three CHS students narrate the most far fetched dreams they have ever had.

Carter Schmidt

“My weirdest dream is… When I was probably eight years old I had this dream. It started off in this forest, and it was really surreal and dark, and I have more lucid dreams so a little more action but also very very real. I was in this forest, and it was dark and it was gloomy, and it was full of this, like I would say more open canopy trees, and it was really dark but gloomy. I was walking around this forest trying to find what I was doing there and why I was there. I walked through the forest until I found this little frog and frogs are cool so I went up and I tried to catch it, and then it grew ten times its size and then it said, ‘My name’s Dwayne.’ Then it disappeared. Then I was freaking out because there was a frog named Dwayne that is gone now. I am running the other way from the frog that is named Dwayne, then I turn around and it is gone. So I stay in one place hoping that maybe someone will come get me. Then no one comes to get me for 30 minutes in dreamland in which dreamtime is a thing is well. I am just sitting there thinking about this frog named Dwayne, and why he showed up, and who he was, and maybe if he has some friends that could help me. Then the other woodland creatures started coming and there was this fawn, and I thought it was Bambi so I chased after it. At one point I hit my head on a tree and then I woke up. But I did not wake up in real life, I just woke up in the dream. I woke up, I got out of bed, and I walked to the side of my room, and there was Dwayne the frog. It was really scary so I ran back to my bed and hid under the covers. When you are under the covers for a long time you start losing oxygen and it starts getting really hot. Everything around me was getting hotter and hotter until everything around me was on fire. Then I got out of bed, and there was Dwayne, and I was on fire! Then I woke up in real life.”


Betoul Ajin

“Hi, I’m Betoul and this is my weirdest dream. I was in first or second grade, and I was at school, and I was brushing my teeth, and my teeth started to fall out of my mouth into the sink, and I started to scream, and my teacher came in, and she was laughing at me, and then her teeth started to fall out, and then the rest of the class came into the bathroom, and their teeth started to fall out, and I was crying as a third grader does when their teeth are falling out of their mouth. Then I got suffocated by everyone in the bathroom, and I fell down the toilet. Then my teacher flushed the toilet, and then I woke up.”


Ajay Walker

“I’m Ajay Walker, and the weirdest dream I had was… It was my birthday in this dream, and it opened like a bad monster movie. It had a title card that said, ‘The Stinky Ham.’ Then it zoomed in to my bedroom where my dad and I were playing chess — we don’t own a chess board — and my dad was 105 years old and dying. Everyone was born on the same day in this universe and everyone had a birth artifact. Mine really sucked because it was a ham and everyone else’s was really cool. My neighbor that I could see across my driveway had a parrot, and I was like, ‘Man, I wish I had a parrot instead of a ham.’ Then my dad disappeared, and then the world started disappearing around me, and then the ham disappeared and I was freaking out. Then I woke up. The weirdest part for me was that this was a horror dream, and I don’t know why this was horrifying to me but I couldn’t sleep for four days.”