CET’s new take on the classic play “Love and Information”

CETs new take on the classic play Love and Information

A performance made up of 52 different short plays, some with as little as one line, all completely unrelated with no connection to each other. Not a usual show right? Well Community Ensemble Theatre is currently working on a new show called Love and Information which is exactly that.

Love and Information is written by British Playwright Caryl Churchill. The play is written in seven sections which need to go in order, but the plays within the sections can go in any particular order, giving a lot of freedom to the director. There are also few casting directions, and none of the characters are gendered. There are over a hundred characters. This all makes casting very flexible.

For CET’s performance, there will be QR codes going up around the room in between all the little shows. This is something new Community is doing, and was not a part of the original production. QR codes are those little black and white squares that you can scan that take you to a website. During the show, they plan to link to something like the sound of crickets for a scene at night, or maybe to a character’s Facebook page. It’s a fun way to let the show be more interactive for the audience.

“This is the only show we ask people to bring their phones, fully charged,” Betoul Ajin said. As tech director last year, Ajin is now in her first year as the assistant stage manager.

CET’s version of the show is going to be very crew heavy, as the shows are so short and go so fast that sets need to be moved very quickly.

“That’s where running crew comes in,” Ajin says. “We have to be ready to move everything off and on stage.”

Because people will be moving everywhere around the auditorium, there needs to be an extensive lighting system. There will be many more props and costumes because each show needs all its own equipment. Ajin says her and her new crew are very excited for the show.

The show is already fully casted and rehearsal is well under way. Come see Love and Information in November!