First meeting of the Feminists for Social Change Club


Members of the club participate in "the human knot," a popular team-building activity.

On Wednesday, Sept. 19th, the Feminists for Social Change (FSC) had their first meeting of the year. The four new co-leaders — Zoe Buhalis, Mali Chappell-Lakin, Lily Sickman-Garner, and Geneve Thomas-Palmer  — began by going around the room for introductions. New and returning members alike shared their names, preferred pronouns, and what they hoped to get out of the club. Some wanted to start a discussion about general rape culture. Others were more focused on current events and the #metoo movement. A few members simply wanted to learn more about the female experience in our society, and to shed light on the unique challenges women face every day. The overall consensus was clear: discussion of important issues was the first item on the agenda.

“We want to talk about things that relate to the people in the club,” Chappell-Lakin said.

FSC hopes to provide an outlet for members to share issues that have affected them with others who have had similar experiences. The conversations will range from smaller things, such as dress codes, to larger and more complicated topics, including sexual assault and the flawed way our society views, portrays, and ultimately treats women.

In addition to discussion and debate, one of the club’s most important priorities is to make a difference for women in the community. An upcoming drive for feminine hygenic products has quickly become the club’s priority.

“We would be raising money to give to organizations like the Hope Clinic, so they could buy menstruation products and feminine hygiene products for women who can’t afford them,” Buhalis said. Although the dates for the drive are currently undecided, the club will continue to meet every Wednesday at lunch, in room 305 for in-depth discussions and conversations relevant to women, men, and everyone in between.