Botanical Drawing Club update


Igor Sun

Botanical Drawing Club is one of Community High’s newer lunch clubs. It was founded last year by Abby Foreman and Chloe Kurihara. Foreman and Kurihara both wanted a club where they could express their artistic passion in a fairly unstructured and relaxed environment. They also needed a teacher who would express as much joy for this fairly niche sect of art as they did. Who better for the job than Marcy McCormick, the current supervising teacher for the club?

“In college, I majored in medical illustration in college, it was a combination of my two passions in high school, science and art,” McCormick said.

McCormick still works as a freelance artist in the summer outside of her teaching career to keep her interests balanced.

Every Friday the club meets in McCormick’s room no matter the schedule change for that day, whether Friday schedule or otherwise. Kurihara enjoys many aspects of being in a club that hasn’t been seen as a popular topic in her school.

“It’s nice to just sit down open up to any random page in a botany book and never being bored with what I get to draw.”

She also appreciates having it in such a casual setting. There isn’t a huge commitment to being part of this club which could be why it isn’t well known within the school yet. Nonetheless, new members are always welcome.

“I’d love to see new faces, even if you only come for a meeting bring a friend and try something new,” McCormick mentioned.

Even though they don’t have many out of school or after school events, if you ever need a place to just sit down, enjoy lunch and some good art, this club is the place for you.