College Visits: Macalester College


On Oct. 2, Anne Walsh, Director of Admissions at Macalester [Mac], visited CHS. Walsh went to an enormous high school, and then onto the University of Wisconsin Madison for the first two years of college. Her junior year she decided to transfer to Mac, it was her first time experiencing people that were different from her.

“My high school was very diverse, but it wasn’t until I got to Macalester that I started meeting people that were different from me,” Walsh said. “When I was in Madison I would just hang out with the same people I went to high school with. In Macalester, which is smaller, I was sitting next to students from Saudi Arabia and other countries.”

Mac is a small liberal arts college right in the center of the twin cities. One thing that Walsh was very proud when she was talking about their study abroad program, of the 2,174 undergraduate students at Mac 60 percent study abroad for 15 weeks or more. Mac offers its 95 study abroad programs in 51 countries around the world, which includes every continent [except Antarctica.]

“There are always people that are about to go off to a study abroad program or are just back from a study abroad program on campus,” Walsh said. “You can always find someone to talk to about their experience abroad, especially if you are looking to go abroad.”