Forum Council meets to check in on multiculti preparations and form committees


This Monday, Nov. 11, Forum Council (FoCo) kicked off with each Forum representative giving a sentence or two summary of their forums’ multiculti work so far. Most forums were in the research stage and many had split into groups. A few other forums need to do a little extra work to be on track for multiculti in two weeks time.

The next order of business was to introduce middle school recruitment. Every year, high schools send a few students and counselors to each middle school to advertise and answer questions. In the past, CHS had issues recruiting across all of Ann Arbor; when Scarlett Middle School was not visited one year, only two students entered the lottery.

 A few years ago, CHS started sending students and counselors to every middle school, but even then, most presentations were slapped together with random students picked from the hallways. This has started to change in recent years. Last year, FoCo partnered with Black Student Union to revamp visits. FoCo, especially now graduated senior Emma Hoffman, created a video produced entirely by students, which more than rivals the other high schools professionally produced videos. The visits themselves were better planned with students signing up and receiving training. This made each visit more consistent, ensuring every visit had students that could talk to CHS’ many opportunities.

This year, FoCo remains in charge of planning the visits. To do this, FoCo formed three committees: one to improve middle school visits in detail, another to continue the multiculti conversation, and also one to discuss building renovations.

With the money from the 1 billion dollar bond, CHS will be renovated next summer.. Dean Marci wants students’ perspective on what absolutely needs to be included in the renovations, so the committee will be compiling students’ views on the matter.

Forum council was released early to enjoy the snow. They will meet next Monday to check on forums multiculti progress, and begin committee work.