Skyline Women’s Lacrosse Team Beats Pioneer for the First Time in History


On April 21, 2021, the Skyline Women’s Lacrosse Team beat rivals Pioneer High School for the first time in history. 

The snowy weather did not impact the intensity of the close game. In the first two minutes, Pioneer had a 2-0 lead over Skyline who quickly recovered, making the score 2-1. The game was always within a few points, the biggest goal differential being three. The final score was 15-14. 

Ailish Kilbride, a Community freshman, shared this victory with her team. 

“Beating Pioneer was such a big accomplishment not only for all of us as individuals but for the program at Skyline,” Kilbride said. “When the scoreboard buzzed for the final time the feeling was unmatched! I can’t wait to play Pioneer again.”

Skyline scored 56% of their shots. They stopped 62% of Pioneer’s clears. There were also two yellow cards given to Skyline in this game, each player serving two minutes off the field. 

Jessica Courtright, Skyline junior, scored six goals and assisted three.

“Coming into the game, I knew that it was going to be a challenge,” Courtright said. “I was determined to play my best game and everything paid off.”

Another Skyline student, Madi Masek, had tears of joy after the game.

“We have never beat [Pioneer],” Masek said. “To be the first Skyline team to win against them was an unexplainable feeling.”