Feminist Club Discusses U of M Threat

The University of Michigan threat of a potential shooter that circulated on social media confused many CHS students. On Monday, Oct. 4 at lunch in room 213- Feminist Club decided to meet to discuss the recent event that took place the day before.

Izzy Stevens, a member of Feminist Club, lead a short, informative presentation about the threat which read, “On October 4th, I’m going to The University Of Michigan and blow away every single woman I see with an AR-15. Because the #MeToo movement proved that Elliot Rodgers was right and those f…… animals deserve to die. I watched Plymouth happen and I had a smile on my face. It was the first time I smiled in years. There is a violent pro-male revolution coming and you people better get ready for it,”

After seeing this threat reposted on social media and Stevens’ sister,a current U of M student, telling her that she was nervous because her professors were cancelling classes, Stevens decided to dig deeper and do research on this topic to inform Feminist Club.

“A lot of people only saw what was on social media and didn’t do that much research on it,” Stevens said. “I think a lot of people just needed more of the story than what they heard.”

The presentation included information about Elliot Rodgers and what happened in Plymouth. Stevens also gave time in the meeting to open up discussion time with small groups.

“She did an amazing job,” said Lila Fetter, leader of Feminist Club. “I think it was very informative and important to talk about because it’s something so relevant that’s happening in our daily lives.”

Some already knew more than others, yet everyone had their eyes peeled on the information that was being presented to them. Though the room was quiet and most kept to themselves, you could tell that everyone left with more information including Ebie Lamb, a member of Feminist Club.

“The presentation was really well put: she was able to not have too much information, but enough information to get the point across. She did a really nice job leading that meeting through the whole situation. It was really informative — I didn’t know anything about this ⁅event⁆, and the fact that she was able to inform me about it in a very short time ⁅was great⁆,” Lamb said.

As of Oct. 14, the suspect has been caught. Michael Nafso, from ABC News, published an article on Oct. 3, following up on the threat.

“A spokesperson for the FBI Detroit Field Office confirmed they had identified a person from out-of-state who they believed posted the threat but did not give more information about where the person lives or if criminal charges are coming,” Nafso wrote in his article.

“I feel good about ⁅the recent news⁆, I think they’re getting what they deserve,” Fetter said. “It was swept under the rug after ⁅this article⁆ happened and it isn’t really being talked about anymore. I think that there should be new information coming out about the ⁅suspect⁆.”

Fetter plans to have a follow up meeting about this topic if more information is released about the suspect.