Drop Add in CHS


Brian Williams, a Community High School counselor, provides services for student’s academic, career and social needs. Williams thinks that the “Drop-Add Deadline” is a topic many students are concerned about.

“For the second semester, it’s a two-week deadline,” Williams said. “So the deadline is Friday, Feb. 4 by the end of that school day.”

Covid-19 uncertainties have forced students and staff to be flexible about classes and registration. .

“It’s always usually one (week), but because of COVID and uncertainty and delay, [we are] making sure teachers have time to grade and make sure students are set,” Williams said.

What happens if a student wants to switch out of a class in the middle of the year? According to Williams, CHS counselors will work with students and eliminate unnecessary barriers.

“We always want to do what’s in the best interest of the student,” Williams said. “So it doesn’t happen too often, but if unforeseen circumstances come up we try to make accommodations and be flexible when it comes to courses or having to change in the middle of the year.”

Williams thinks the best way for students to go about changing their classes is by email, especially during Covid.

“Amy and I find that that’s working out really nice because we can kind of get that quickly,” Williams said “Go in and fix it and then shoot you right back a response. It’s working out well.”