Prom Committee Begins to Meet

On Friday, March 4, the Prom Planning Committee met for the first time to brainstorm and organize the 2022 CHS Spring Prom. In history teacher Ryan Silvester’s room on the second floor, seniors and juniors will be meeting every Friday at lunch to ensurethe dance’s success. The event is scheduled for 7 to 11 p.m. on May 6 at the Washtenaw Golf Club, later this year.
This meeting’s agenda included deciding a theme, activities, food and favors. The most requested theme was “swamp” which opens the decor opportunities up to nature themes and a green-based color palette. The slightly unpleasant name “swamp” was also added on to for the more appealing theme “fairytale swamp”.
The team also proposed activities including lawn games, a movie projector and a pool table. The venue includes both indoor and outdoor spaces for activities, allowing for students to celebrate at their comfort level through Covid-19. Prom party favors in the past have been a struggle, according to Dean Rebecca Westrate. This year, the Prom Planning Committee hopes to give out tote bags, flip flops to replace uncomfortable dancing shoes and other tokens as prom memorabilia.
For food, the venue handles catering, but offers many options. CHS traditionally does not have a sit-down meal during the dance. The committee discussed having lemonade, a sundae bar and other desserts, as well as a variety of savory snacks.
In the following weeks, students will continue researching the theme and prices to pull of prom in time.
“After missing out on so many defining moments of my high school career, I want to make prom special,” said Grace Wang, prom committee member. “Being able to connect with other members of the planning committee over creating one of our last events together has been really fun. There is a lot to put together in a short amount of time, but it will be amazing once it’s done.”