Voices From Future Stars

Pioneer High School’s (PHS) Future Stars has finally returned to the stage in full force, following the COVID-19 pandemic and a mold infestation at PHS’ Schreiber Auditorium. The singing competition was hosted at the Power Center due to PHS renovations and featured 30 performers, as well as the Rising Stars (a group of freshman and sophomores). 


This year’s winner was Charlie Duke, a PHS senior who has been in choir since middle school, was a Rising Star freshman year and sang “Your Man,” a country song by Josh Turner. 


Duke has always appreciated country music because it often fits his vocal range. “Your Man” was one of the first songs he learned to play on guitar after friends said his deep voice reminded them of it. 


“A big thing that kept me going in choir was that my voice dropped,” Duke said. “I was one of two basses in the seventh grade and I liked having that unique factor.”