Community Goes on Spring Break

Spring break 2022 is beginning to resemble some sort of pre-pandemic vacation. Students and teachers are excited and ready for a much-needed week off. Leila Bank, a sophomore at CHS, is finally going on the ski trip her family has planned since spring 2020.

“Back in 2020 we were supposed to go on this trip but COVID hit,” Bank said.“I don’t think that we were allowed to travel so my family decided against it and then the next year, they wanted to go, but COVID was still on the rise and no one had been vaccinated yet. This year, we’re finally doing it. And my brother and my dad are super excited.”

Bank is going to Big Sky, Montana. This will be her first time in Montana, but not her first time skiing. Though Bank isn’t necessarily excited about skiing, she is excited about the natural beauty Montana has to offer and will take advantage of free time by reading .

“My brother and dad have been wanting our whole family to go for a while because they really love skiing,’ Bank said. “I personally dislike skiing, but you know, I’m not going to complain because we’re going to Montana.”

Leila Bank’s dad pictured in Utah previously skiing. Leila Bank will be visiting a different place out west to ski with her family.

CHS social studies teacher and forum leader Ryan Silvester will be chaperoning Huron’s bands on their trip to New York city. He’ll have the opportunity to hear them play in Carnegie Hall.

“I’m nervous,” Silvester said. “Silvester said.“Manhattan is a huge area, and I don’t really know my way around… the subways can be confusing. I’m nervous about the aspect of navigating and leading 10 students around but otherwise I’m excited. I think it’s gonna be kind of fun.”

This is far from Silvester’s first experience with Huron’s music program. He was a student and band member for four years there, and has stayed connected to the bands ever since. This summer will mark his 13th time attending Interlochen arts camp; he’s now a co-director.

On this trip, Silvester is looking forward to going to the Met, among other things.

“I love Monet and they’ve got a collection of his water lilies there [at the Met], which I’m really excited about.” Silvester said. “We’re gonna go on a boat tour of the Statue of Liberty, which I’ve never done before, we’re gonna go see Wicked on Broadway and we’re gonna hear the New York Philharmonic Orchestra”

The bands will be driving to New York on three buses. They’ll spend six days there.

Ryan Silvester pictured on the right at Huron band camp when he was in high school. This spring break he will be taking Huron’s band to NYC.

Serena O’Brien, a sophomore at CHS, will be visiting Vermont to see her sister during her spring break.

“I’m going to go to Vermont, to visit my sister, Laura,” O’Brien said.“She goes to the University of Vermont, which is in Burlington. So we’re gonna go for a few days. It’s not her spring break so she will still be at school.”

While in Vermont, O’Brien will be exploring Burlington and will even stay in her sister’s dorm for a night.

“She [my sister] wants to make me jump in Lake Champlain, which is the big lake there, except it will be really cold,” O’Brien said.

While this will not be O’Brien’s first time visiting Vermont and she is excited for the nice weather and to see her sister again.

Serena O’Brien pictured on the right with her sister visiting Vermont previously. She will be visiting Vermont again this spring break.