Sparrow Kitchen Check-in


Sparrow Kitchen, an expansion of Sparrow Market, has been open in Kerrytown for over a month now. Owner Jordan Sparrow said business has been flowing smoothly.

“Response has been good,” Sparrow said. “I think people are excited to have just classic American food: burgers and milkshakes.”

Like many businesses right now though, Sparrow is facing supply chain difficulties and staffing issues.

“Finding people to work anytime you start a new business [is a challenge],” Sparrow said. “Supply chain issues too, [the price of] everything has gone up, we’re usually out of at least one thing just because we can’t simply get it in. It’s increasingly frustrating trying to search all the different vendors to find a product.”

Sparrow is excited to provide a new lunch option for Kerrytown-goers and hopes to be a positive addition to the community.

“I think, in large part, everybody was pretty happy with [Sparrow Kitchen opening],” Sparrow said. “We’re all here every day and having a new option for lunch is great,”

Jordan Sparrow’s favorite thing on the menu is ice cream, which he admitted he eats every day now. In terms of lunch, Sparrow says you can’t go wrong with a good cheeseburger.

Overall, this has been a rewarding project for Sparrow, one he wasn’t sure would be so successful:

“Anytime you start a new venture and other people get excited for it, and you actually do business, that’s very thrilling,” he said. “You almost expect that nobody’s gonna show up at all. When they do, It’s very exciting.”