No Apple Crunch Day This Year?


On Oct. 13 anticipation filled the Community High hallways as the long awaited Apple Crunch Day arrived. Students lined up outside the lunchroom waiting for their treat but something was off — there were no apples.

The CHS kitchen receives their food from Pioneer High School in the mornings before lunch. The Pioneer Kitchen prepares food for Pioneer students and CHS students. The food is brought to be served for CHS students around 11:30 a.m. each day.

Miscommunication between Pioneer High School and CHS kitchen staff led to apples arriving hours after lunch. Students and staff were left confused with no reasoning behind the mishap. In the lunchroom, there was a table set up with a sign for the event, but nothing on the table.

“We were supposed to have some apples and they were supposed to make us some smoothies, but it just never came [from Pioneer],” John Smith* said.

CHS was the only high school in the district that wasn’t able to share the celebration.

According to an article for the AAPS District News, every student was supposed to be given the opportunity to enjoy a free, locally grown apple during lunch.

“There will also be apple pie smoothies for breakfast, as well as chicken and waffles with apple topping for lunch,” the article said. “All cafeterias will be loaded up with apples so we can all have a crunch at noon.”

As of now, there is no makeup day planned for the 2022-23 school year, and Apple Crunch day will return next year.

*names changed to protect anonymity.